Monday, 16 July 2012

Mistress Maisie returns!

I'm sure you were all hoping to read more about Mistress Maisie and her poor sissified husband Betty, and now's your chance!   My newest story "Maisie On Top" involves their continuing adventures, and is probably my naughtiest yet!

In this wickedly kinky sequel to Maisie Takes Charge, the newly sissified Betty finds out that his cruel dominant wife has many more ways to humiliate him around the house now that he is a sissy slave, controlled in strict chastity.

The 1960s brought freedom for many, but not for poor submissive sissy Betty Strickland - trapped in a breathtakingly tight corset and frilly satin maid's uniform, having to serve his wife in every way possible.

14,044 words of retro submission, crossdressing, teasing, strap-on sex and constant humiliation!

Available from,, Smashwords and AllRomance

An excerpt is below the break

Friday, 11 May 2012

Jet Set Slut - kinky, retro and hot as hell!

I've published a hot new story, just in time for the weekend!  Packed full of wicked humiliation, female submission, bondage and (of course) hot sex!

In 1962, glamorous uniformed air hostess Emma takes first class service to a whole new level when she submits to Jake, a handsome businessman flying from New York to LA!

Following Jake's humiliating orders, Emma pleasures him on her knees aboard the plane, then later meets him in his hotel penthouse where he introduces her to kinky submission, exquisite frustration and bondage... and she loves every minute of it!

A wickedly retro 17,865 word tale of female submission with spanking, humiliation, bondage, teasing and kinky sex!

Available right now from,, Smashwords and AllRomance!

A spicy little excerpt is below the jump..

Friday, 13 April 2012

New story - Saturday Morning Sissy

Well, it's been a while but I've got a new story to share with you all!

This one is only available on Amazon - I'm seeing how the 'KDP Select' thing goes.  Apologies to anyone who prefers Smashwords and AllRomance!

When Julian is discovered dressed as a sissy schoolgirl by his co-worker Cordelia, a beautiful woman half his age, he is horrified and utterly ashamed.

Taking photos to ensure he obeys her, Cordelia discovers Julian's desire for chastity and takes control of him - bringing him to the limits of arousal on the most humiliating and exciting sissy Saturday morning of his life building up to wickedly frustrating pleasure!

A steamy 8,700 word story with crossdressing, spanking, foot worship, female domination, chastity and cruel humiliation!

Available at and

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

More discounts!

I'm a bit ashamed to admit that the several new stories I'm working on are taking their sweet time to feel just right and aren't ready yet...

To make up for it, here are a few 50% discounts on my stories at Smashwords!  The discounts are only until the 2nd of April though!

Tie Me Up Buttercup - coupon code XW86C (F/f domination)

For A Pussy Full Of Cock - coupon code PX54N (F/m domination and teasing)

Investment Spanking - coupon code XW86C (M/f domination and humiliation)

Sally's Hard Lesson - coupon code AZ48N (M/f domination and humiliation)

Monday, 5 March 2012


Well, I haven't managed to write much recently due to pressures from my nine-to-five (although there are a few things in the pipeline which should be finished during March)... but on the other hand, I haven't forgotten about you all, so what could be better than some discount coupons for my stories on Smashwords?

How does 50% off until the 10th March sound?

For any of the stories linked below, use coupon code REW50 to buy them for 50% off!

For those who like submissive transvestites and sissies:

Birthday Submission

Paying The Bill

Sin Skin

If you like dominant women controlling men:

For A Pussy Full Of Cock

For those who love exhibitionism and public humilation of women by men:

Strip Tees

The Centurion's Property

And if you're not into the kinkier side of things and want something spicy but vanilla:

Deep And Hard

Enjoy whatever you choose!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Switching sides!

Sometimes the girls are on top, sometimes the boys are on top... that's how it is with my latest stories anyway!   Both are, as ever, terribly kinky; but one features a cruel teasing dominatrix forcing a man to submit, while the other is about a strong man demonstrating his power over a woman (although with a wicked twist!)

The Centurion's Property is a male dom/female sub story set in Roman times.  The kinky twist is that the "violation" of a British chieftain's daughter is all staged, but none of those watching her submission know!

When Centurion Marcus Lavinius is ordered to pacify the village of his secret British lover Maeve, he decides that staging her violation and sexual submission to him in front of the whole village and his Legionaries is the best way to impress the locals with the might of the Roman Empire.

At first shocked and humiliated, Maeve becomes aroused beyond her wildest dreams, submitting on her knees and then her back, finally begging for a climax in front of the assembled soldiers!

5000 words of historical erotica containing oral pleasure, rough sex, firm spanking and a kinky finish!

Available from,, AllRomance and Smashwords

For A Pussy Full Of Cock

Dixie Steele is the new sheriff in town, and she's a feisty dominatrix who wants a man to control in the first story of the Girl With No Shame trilogy!

When Dixie captures the outlaw Jake Weathers and locks him in the town jail, he doesn't expect a hot and kinky night of tease and denial! Femdom and male submission from back when the West was very wild!

4,600 words of bondage, punishment, cruel teasing and denial from a feisty woman who's always on top!

Available from,, AllRomance and Smashwords

An excerpt from The Centurion's Property is below the jump

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Bookstrand are tightening up (lewd pun not intended, I swear) on what they will distribute, due to Paypal taking a firm line with them.

As such, I probably won't be uploading any new titles there, since I guess "dubious consent" is what I like writing about and while I write stories where the sub ends up enjoying things, I'm not sure if they'll be looking for those kind of details or just banning anyone who writes a story that even starts off non-consensual.

It doesn't seem worth the risk, really - so unless I start writing vanilla stories (haha, no chance!), look out for me on Amazon, Smashwords and AllRomance instead!

Seriousness aside, work has been a bit busy this week, but I'm hoping to have at least two new stories up over the weekend.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Something for the weekend, Sir?

The weather is still dipping below zero, so once again I'm left writing shockingly filthy stories in an effort to stay warm!  It's a good thing that I enjoy that, really!  The cold is starting to get a bit tiresome though - I'd love to be able to go outside without slipping over on frosty pavements and looking like an idiot, and to not need a huge jacket and big thick gloves every time I even ventured to nearby shops.

I've got two new stories up for you this weekend, both featuring a beautiful woman punished and forced to submit against her will, and in both cases she (un)surprisingly discovers the joys of submission and ends up begging for more!

What am I writing next?  Well, there's more from Mistress Maisie coming soon, and something else involving a feisty cowgirl - so it will be the turn of men to submit next, I promise!

Stephanie Coleridge is the powerful but lonely CEO of an investment bank, staying alone at work late one Friday night.

When anti-capitalist protesters break into the building, she hides in her office, but is discovered by a male protester, who teaches her a lesson with a firm spanking, tying and gagging Stephanie with her own lingerie.

Stephanie soon begins to enjoy the rough treatment, and ends up being taken from behind, bent over her desk with the protester's throbbing tool inside her as she discovers the pleasure of submission!

Investment Spanking is 6000 words of hot M/f action!

Available on,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand!

Left alone and frustrated in a chastity belt while her husband fights in the Crusades, Princess Isadora is terrified when the cruel Duke Gunther storms her tower, taking her as his prisoner.

Punishing Isadora with spanking and flogging, Gunther demands that the captive Princess submits to him as his pleasure slave. Finally forced to give in, she discovers that even though she is locked in chastity and deeply humiliated, serving the cruel Duke is not as bad as she thought, and Isadora is soon moaning with pleasure as Gunther uses the two orifices that aren't locked up!

From Princess To Slavegirl has 5000 words of hot historical frustration, punishment, submission and sex!

Available on,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Going back in time!

My new story is something a little different!  I love Mad Men (well okay, I love Don Draper and Joan Holloway), so I decided that a 1960s setting was perfect for a forced feminisation and femdom story!  After all, forcing a man into feminine clothing is even better if it's gorgeous 1960s lingerie and ultra-feminine dresses!

Then, after I started writing it, I realised that I really liked the dominant character I'd created, so I guess it just had to become the first story in a series at that point!

It is very safe to say that Mistress Maisie will return in more stories to control poor subservient Betty, but without further ado....

In 1962, when a woman's ideal role was that of the perfect petticoated housewife, Maisie Strickland decides to take control of her wayward husband Barney. With cruel teasing, forced feminisation, chastity and sexual service, she begins his transformation into his new role as Betty, her gorgeous submissive crossdressing slavegirl!

11,822 words of retro submission, crossdressing, teasing and humiliation!

Maisie Takes Charge is available from,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand.

A wickedly teasing excerpt is after the jump - I hope you like it!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Two new stories!

Two hot stories for you to peruse, if they float your boat, butter your muffin or otherwise get you hot and bothered!

First up, Strip Tees - another Kinky Cassie story - this time she's on the golf course!

When her husband suggests making a game of golf into a kinky adventure, Cassie leaps at the opportunity. Humiliating herself on the golf course for three strangers and her husband Paul, Cassie loves every minute as she is exposed outdoors and then pleasured by three men at the same time, whilst her husband watches!

A 5,780 word story with humiliation, exposure, spanking and group sex. The most exciting game of golf you'll ever read about!

Available from,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand

The second new story is Tie Me Up Buttercup - my first foray into a story about the supernatural, in this case - a beautiful (and kinky) fairy girl!

Out walking in the woods, nineteen year old Amy falls asleep in a clearing only to be awoken by a beautiful naked fairy called Buttercup.

Telling Amy that she made the mistake of falling asleep in a fairy ring and is now hers to play with, Buttercup restrains the girl, then forces Amy to pleasure her, and finally brings Amy to the best orgasm that she has ever had!

A 4,957 word story with hot lesbian fairy domination and sex!

Available from,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand

There is a spicy excerpt from Tie Me Up Buttercup after the jump - enjoy!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hot and spicy!

Halfway through a week of work, the weekend still two days away...  Wednesday nights are pretty unpleasant.

On the other hand, I've just put up a brand new story called Deep And Hard that is rather less kinky than my other ones, but is still packed with 5,587 words of sizzling hot Middle Eastern spice! 

On a covert mission in the Middle East, US Special Forces soldier Jack Hunter is ordered to take shelter with a beautiful informant to avoid militia patrols.

Overcome with desire for his muscular American body, the beautiful Karima demands that Hunter pleasures her, and he is only too happy to oblige, over and over again!

You can find it at,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand.

Enjoy the juicy excerpt below the jump!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

What are your plans for this weekend?  If you don't have any, and are all alone, maybe you should spend it reading two red hot and kinky new short stories of mine!

If you're interested in them, the AllRomance and Bookstrand links below each book have nice juicy excerpts to tease you!

Paying The Bill is is about a previously closeted sissy crossdresser, Tom, who finds himself submitting to Michael, the assertive owner of an expensive restaurant. Arriving with sissy lingerie under his male clothes, Michael is ordered to dress as a Felicity, his sissy french maid alter ego, then is punished, teased and finally pleasured by his handsome Mediterranean master.

It's wickedly kinky 4,675 word tale of crossdessing, spanking, and a strong man using a submissive sissy for his own pleasure.

You can find it at Amazon, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand.

The Locksmith
is the first story in my Kinky Cassie series.  Paul and Cassie are happily married, and love nothing more than extremely kinky games.  Cassie adores humiliation, teasing and the threat of exposure; and her husband Paul is more than happy to give her strict orders and push her limits in order to give her wicked new thrills!

After an evening of being denied an orgasm in a crowded restaurant, Cassie has little idea that her next challenge will be a new kind of submission for her!

Obeying her husband's orders over the phone, she ends up lying on her bed almost naked, trapped in humiliating and inescapable bondage, and at the mercy of a locksmith who can't control his desire for her! And she loves every moment, like the kinky minx that she is!

The Locksmith is just over 6000 words of sheer kinky and humiliation pleasure for poor Cassie.

You can find it at Amazon, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand.

Look out for more Kinky Cassie adventures soon!  How can a game of golf be kinky and exciting?  You'll find out next weekend when I hopefully put up the next Cassie story!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Monday, 16 January 2012

It's still cold out..

..but it's nice and hot in here!

Another story up and it's a naughty one!

"When lonely Sally pretends to be a naughty nineteen year old online and promises a real life meeting to an assertive man, this thirty seven year old divorced mother is left with no choice but to put on her daughter's old school uniform and take her punishment (and pleasure!) like a good girl when the man arrives at her home.

This 4800 word short story contains spanking, sex and a humiliated mature woman learning the joys of submission to a strong man."

Available on Smashwords currently, and I'll update with a link to Amazon once it's up.

Just to tease you, there's a short little excerpt below the jump.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

A free taster short story

It's a terribly cold day here in Scotland, so what better way to warm up than with a hot little story?

The title, Wedding Night Tease, gives a pretty good idea of what it might involve, I suspect!  It's quite short, and so I decided to offer it for free, to give people a taste of what my longer stories would be like.  Though it's short, it's still very kinky, and very fun!

You can find it on Smashwords and download it to your ebook reader or PC, or you can read it below the read more jump at the bottom of this very post!

Unfortunately I can't offer it on Amazon for free if it's published anywhere else, but don't worry Kindle users, I've got a few ideas kicking around that will turn up in a free story just for you soon!


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hooray, fetch the champagne!

And that's my first two short stories published!

Well, self-published, anyway!

I will update the links to places where they can be purchased as necessary, and here are a few details to tease you along with the links where they are currently available:

Sin Skin - Wearing a futuristic bodysuit that gives the wearer perfect feminine curves, Natasha is a crossdresser who loves teasing and flirting with men. However, she finds that she flirted with the wrong man and has to hide her secret when a strict police Sergeant sends his men out to find her, to teach Natasha a lesson and make her submit to his pleasure. Short story with crossdresser/male rough action

Sample or buy on Smashwords 

Sample or buy on Amazon for Kindle 


Birthday Submission - David is a closeted shy nineteen year old sissy crossdresser. When he encounters a Mistress on the internet, she leads him on a journey of submission that plunges him into a journey beyond his wildest fantasies. His online Mistress humiliates him more and more as "Danielle", leading him to the ultimate subjugation when they finally meet. A more lengthy short story with solo and sissy/male action.

Sample or buy on Smashwords

Sample or buy on Amazon for Kindle

Both stories have the themes of a certain reluctance on the part of a relatively inexperienced crossdresser, and strange new feelings being awoken in them by someone else, not necessarily entirely willingly at first.

Hope you enjoy them!

Friday, 13 January 2012


Hi, welcome to my blog!

I'm Fiona Florence, this is my blog, and it is (going to be, anyway!) a blog about my wickedly kinky fiction, which I rather hope you enjoy!

A little about me, so that we're properly introduced: I'm twentysomething (a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells!) and I work for a respectable law firm in Scotland.  I sit at a desk all day looking terribly prim and proper (some might even say shy and demure) doing my best not to reveal that inside my head is a positive whirl of wickedly kinky fantasy and terrible, terrible thoughts that I only let escape when I get home and start writing.  Blessed with a vivid imagination and a fast typing speed, writing erotic fiction for the internet seemed like a plan that was both fun and creative!

My absolute favourite kinky topic is the humiliation of men, particularly sissy crossdressers who love to wear layers of satin, lace and frills then have to submit to strong women or other men.   My stories are mostly going to be around this idea since it's what gets me hot and bothered, and I hope it does the same for you.   Please let me know if you like my stories - I will update here once they are published and with random thoughts as and when!


Fiona Florence