Saturday, 11 February 2012

Something for the weekend, Sir?

The weather is still dipping below zero, so once again I'm left writing shockingly filthy stories in an effort to stay warm!  It's a good thing that I enjoy that, really!  The cold is starting to get a bit tiresome though - I'd love to be able to go outside without slipping over on frosty pavements and looking like an idiot, and to not need a huge jacket and big thick gloves every time I even ventured to nearby shops.

I've got two new stories up for you this weekend, both featuring a beautiful woman punished and forced to submit against her will, and in both cases she (un)surprisingly discovers the joys of submission and ends up begging for more!

What am I writing next?  Well, there's more from Mistress Maisie coming soon, and something else involving a feisty cowgirl - so it will be the turn of men to submit next, I promise!

Stephanie Coleridge is the powerful but lonely CEO of an investment bank, staying alone at work late one Friday night.

When anti-capitalist protesters break into the building, she hides in her office, but is discovered by a male protester, who teaches her a lesson with a firm spanking, tying and gagging Stephanie with her own lingerie.

Stephanie soon begins to enjoy the rough treatment, and ends up being taken from behind, bent over her desk with the protester's throbbing tool inside her as she discovers the pleasure of submission!

Investment Spanking is 6000 words of hot M/f action!

Available on,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand!

Left alone and frustrated in a chastity belt while her husband fights in the Crusades, Princess Isadora is terrified when the cruel Duke Gunther storms her tower, taking her as his prisoner.

Punishing Isadora with spanking and flogging, Gunther demands that the captive Princess submits to him as his pleasure slave. Finally forced to give in, she discovers that even though she is locked in chastity and deeply humiliated, serving the cruel Duke is not as bad as she thought, and Isadora is soon moaning with pleasure as Gunther uses the two orifices that aren't locked up!

From Princess To Slavegirl has 5000 words of hot historical frustration, punishment, submission and sex!

Available on,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand

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