Monday, 20 February 2012

Switching sides!

Sometimes the girls are on top, sometimes the boys are on top... that's how it is with my latest stories anyway!   Both are, as ever, terribly kinky; but one features a cruel teasing dominatrix forcing a man to submit, while the other is about a strong man demonstrating his power over a woman (although with a wicked twist!)

The Centurion's Property is a male dom/female sub story set in Roman times.  The kinky twist is that the "violation" of a British chieftain's daughter is all staged, but none of those watching her submission know!

When Centurion Marcus Lavinius is ordered to pacify the village of his secret British lover Maeve, he decides that staging her violation and sexual submission to him in front of the whole village and his Legionaries is the best way to impress the locals with the might of the Roman Empire.

At first shocked and humiliated, Maeve becomes aroused beyond her wildest dreams, submitting on her knees and then her back, finally begging for a climax in front of the assembled soldiers!

5000 words of historical erotica containing oral pleasure, rough sex, firm spanking and a kinky finish!

Available from,, AllRomance and Smashwords

For A Pussy Full Of Cock

Dixie Steele is the new sheriff in town, and she's a feisty dominatrix who wants a man to control in the first story of the Girl With No Shame trilogy!

When Dixie captures the outlaw Jake Weathers and locks him in the town jail, he doesn't expect a hot and kinky night of tease and denial! Femdom and male submission from back when the West was very wild!

4,600 words of bondage, punishment, cruel teasing and denial from a feisty woman who's always on top!

Available from,, AllRomance and Smashwords

An excerpt from The Centurion's Property is below the jump

 Maeve screamed as the burly Legionaries pushed through the hut's doorway, grabbing her and dragging her by her arms out into the village square. She kicked and screamed at them, knowing that she had to pretend she didn't know Marcus and that she hadn't spent long nights in his arms. The Legionaries threw her to the grassy ground at his feet, and she spat on his sandals, not looking up at him. Acting as if he did not know her, Marcus shouted orders to his men.

“Legionaries – I will demonstrate the power of Rome by making this British tribal chief's daughter my property! You may all watch as I take her! And perhaps you will learn something to show the women that you marry when you leave the Legions!” As his men laughed, two of his Legionaries dragged Maeve's father back to his hut, holding him in the doorway and forcing him to watch the spectacle.

“What's your name, girl?” Marcus prodded Maeve with his foot, taking hold of her hair and forcibly tilting her head towards him.

“Maeve,” she spat, play-acting the role of defiant rebel, “And I don't care what you do to me!”

“Well, that's for the best,” he replied, “But maybe you'll grow to like Roman cock!” He gave her a wink that no one else could see, then tore the front of her dress down the middle, exposing her pert breasts to the assembled soldiers and villagers. As a red flush of shame spread across her pale skin, he tore the dress to shreds, exposing her completely. She squealed with partly mock outrage but also an edge of genuine humiliation as he exposed her in front of everyone, trying to cover her breasts and sex with her hands, but the muscular Centurion hauled her upright, pulling her hands behind her back and showing her nudity to his men, who were all watching avidly. “Try not to enjoy it too much,” he whispered in her ear, then gave her soft bottom a firm slap, making her yelp with surprise.

“Down on your knees, Briton!” He barked the order, pointing to the grass beneath Maeve's feet, “You're going to taste my Roman cock in front of your whole village!” She gasped, glaring at him defiantly, then squealed as he slapped her face, her head snapping sideways with the force of the blow. Shocked, Maeve sank down to her knees, looking up at Marcus' armoured body, eyes wide. Although they had discussed the plan, she had never quite considered just how it would feel, having to pleasure him in front of everyone she knew, and scores of his men, all watching closely. As the chief's daughter, many of the men of the village lusted after her, whilst some of the women were jealous of her position, so she knew many of them would enjoy seeing her stripped and treated like this.

Maeve knelt, looking up at Marcus as he unbuckled his armour, tossing it behind him to the ground, tugging down his leather breeches before pulling up his red cloth tunic, exposing his hardening cock that she was so very familiar with. “You won't see one of these on your pathetic British men, eh?” He gestured towards his cock as it swelled to a full erection, long and thick. “See that boys,” he shouted to his gathered men, “Roman steel! Finest in the Empire!”
While the men laughed, many of them sitting sprawled on the grass to watch the show, Marcus grabbed a fistful of Maeve's red hair, then pulled her head forwards, forcing her mouth onto his hard cock.

Parting her lips, Maeve took his manhood into her mouth, remembering to keep glaring up at him and acting as if she hated it, kicking her feet against the ground, beating her fists against his sides. His large rod filled her mouth, her lips spread wide around his shaft as he pulled her close, twisting her hair around his hands to hold her in place as she helplessly sucked on him, running her tongue over the fat head of his cock.

Marcus took half a step forwards, not letting Maeve take her lips off his manhood, forcing even deeper into her mouth, his feet either side of her thighs, balls pressing against her chin. “Oh you like being humiliated, don't you?” He muttered the words for her ears alone as she almost gagged on his shaft, “Everyone watching you suck the cock of a Roman invader?” Maeve moaned around his rod, relaxing her jaw, letting her tongue caress him inside her mouth. As his grip on her hair relaxed a little, she started to slide her mouth back and forth along him, keeping her lips locked tight around his shaft, leaving a glistening trail of saliva on his flesh to show how deep into her throat she had taken his manhood.

Her bulging cheeks were flushed with humiliation as she serviced him, bobbing her head on his cock, tongue slithering up and down his shaft, her lips softly gliding over his swollen rod. They had talked long into the cold British nights about their fantasies, and she had confessed to a strange excitement at the thought of her lover being a Roman and how wrong that was, but she had never expected something like this, nude and orally satisfying her man in front of seasoned Roman legionaries and everyone she knew from the village. Running her tongue across the ridge at the base of Marcus' cock head and hearing him groan, she felt a surge of guilty pleasure inside, closing her eyes but still feeling the rough men watching her, and desiring her lithe body.

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