Thursday, 16 February 2012


Bookstrand are tightening up (lewd pun not intended, I swear) on what they will distribute, due to Paypal taking a firm line with them.

As such, I probably won't be uploading any new titles there, since I guess "dubious consent" is what I like writing about and while I write stories where the sub ends up enjoying things, I'm not sure if they'll be looking for those kind of details or just banning anyone who writes a story that even starts off non-consensual.

It doesn't seem worth the risk, really - so unless I start writing vanilla stories (haha, no chance!), look out for me on Amazon, Smashwords and AllRomance instead!

Seriousness aside, work has been a bit busy this week, but I'm hoping to have at least two new stories up over the weekend.

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