Friday, 11 May 2012

Jet Set Slut - kinky, retro and hot as hell!

I've published a hot new story, just in time for the weekend!  Packed full of wicked humiliation, female submission, bondage and (of course) hot sex!

In 1962, glamorous uniformed air hostess Emma takes first class service to a whole new level when she submits to Jake, a handsome businessman flying from New York to LA!

Following Jake's humiliating orders, Emma pleasures him on her knees aboard the plane, then later meets him in his hotel penthouse where he introduces her to kinky submission, exquisite frustration and bondage... and she loves every minute of it!

A wickedly retro 17,865 word tale of female submission with spanking, humiliation, bondage, teasing and kinky sex!

Available right now from,, Smashwords and AllRomance!

A spicy little excerpt is below the jump..