Friday, 3 February 2012

Two new stories!

Two hot stories for you to peruse, if they float your boat, butter your muffin or otherwise get you hot and bothered!

First up, Strip Tees - another Kinky Cassie story - this time she's on the golf course!

When her husband suggests making a game of golf into a kinky adventure, Cassie leaps at the opportunity. Humiliating herself on the golf course for three strangers and her husband Paul, Cassie loves every minute as she is exposed outdoors and then pleasured by three men at the same time, whilst her husband watches!

A 5,780 word story with humiliation, exposure, spanking and group sex. The most exciting game of golf you'll ever read about!

Available from,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand

The second new story is Tie Me Up Buttercup - my first foray into a story about the supernatural, in this case - a beautiful (and kinky) fairy girl!

Out walking in the woods, nineteen year old Amy falls asleep in a clearing only to be awoken by a beautiful naked fairy called Buttercup.

Telling Amy that she made the mistake of falling asleep in a fairy ring and is now hers to play with, Buttercup restrains the girl, then forces Amy to pleasure her, and finally brings Amy to the best orgasm that she has ever had!

A 4,957 word story with hot lesbian fairy domination and sex!

Available from,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand

There is a spicy excerpt from Tie Me Up Buttercup after the jump - enjoy!

The afternoon was warm, and she found the rock surprisingly comfortable as she lay down, curling up and resting her head on her arm. Lulled by the peace of the clearing, Amy had only really intended to completely relax for a time, but she found herself drifting slowly into sleep.
Wake up, sleepyhead!” The voice was female, bright and perky, and sounded like someone trying to hold back laughter, “You don't want to sleep the whole day away!” Amy jerked awake, not sure if she had dreamed the voice, blinking and then opening her eyes properly to see bright green eyes looking into hers. “You're awake! Great, I was worried you might not wake up at all!”
Amy pushed herself upright, wondering who had found her in the woods, then gasped, pulling her legs up to her chest, a hand to her mouth. “Who... who the hell are you?” She paused, looking at the woman who had awoken her, not able to fully process what she was seeing. “What the hell are you? Am I still asleep?”
Perched on the edge of the rock, squatting facing her, was a woman, but not a woman like any Amy had ever seen. She was very pale, with bright green eyes that were the colour of a grassy field and long straw-blonde hair. She was stark naked, only her squatting position with knees drawn up, her hands resting on her calves hiding her breasts and sex from Amy. But what had made Amy gasp were the large shimmering translucent purple and blue butterfly wings lazily beating in the air behind the woman. “You're not asleep,” said the woman with a bright smile, “And I'm a fairy. My name's Buttercup Starshine, what's yours?”
The woman's tone was so matter-of-fact that Amy couldn't help but respond. “I'm Amy, nice to meet you. Wait... Buttercup? Fairy? I am so dreaming!”
Buttercup smiled, standing upright, arching her back and raising herself onto her tiptoes, showing off small pert breasts with dark pink nipples and a glimpse of her pussy between her legs, then jumped into the air, somersaulting and then hanging in front of Amy in mid-air, her wings silently beating. The sight of the fairy, who was a similar height to Amy, seemingly hovering, took Amy's breath way. “You're not dreaming, I told you that!” Buttercup moved a little closer, her face inches away from Amy's, her eyes sparkling, “But you were sleeping until I woke you! This is my home, and you were kind of trespassing!” With a grin, she patted Amy's cheek, her slim fingers warm and soft. “But it's okay! I like you, so I won't be too mean!”
Confused and slightly scared, hoping that this was all a dream, Amy stood up, stepping off the rock and backing away from Buttercup, towards the edge of the clearing. “Look, this is a little weird for me,” Amy said, “I think I have to go now...”
No, that's not how it works,” Buttercup said, flitting through the air, twisting and turning, exposing a perfect body as she did so, smooth skin catching the sunlight. “You came here, you fell asleep. Do they not still tell stories about what happens to people who do that?” Landing on the ground, she took the Amy's trembling hands in hers, then gave a slow smile. “What happens is that the bad fairies take them away, and keep them.” She laughed happily, “But do I look like a bad fairy or the good kind, who grants wishes?”
Uh, I guess the good kind..” Amy said, her hands gripped firmly by the fairy, “I mean, you're not that scary...”
Letting go of Amy's hands, Buttercup pointed towards the rock, “Then sit back down, Amy. I have something to tell you.” Amy slowly walked back to the rock, then sat down, hugging her knees, looking over at Buttercup, who slowly rose into the air. “Amy,” said the fairy with a grin, “There are no good fairies. We're all bad. Terribly, terribly bad. And you fell asleep here, so you're all mine!”
Before Amy could react, Buttercup snapped her fingers and with a soft creaking sound, tree roots twisted up out of the ground and slid over the rock, wrapping around Amy's wrists. Crying out with sudden fear, Amy wrenched at the wooden bonds holding her, but the roots held her firmly, the bark scraping against her skin as she tugged and tried to pull herself free. With a slow remorseless movement, the roots pulled her arms towards opposite corners of the rock, pulling her down onto her back, her arms spread wide over her head.
Amy squealed, kicking her legs in the air as Buttercup leaped up and hovered over her, smiling down, looking down at her. “Oh dear, is this not how you wanted to spend your afternoon?” As Buttercup snapped her fingers again, two more roots snaked up from the ground, twining around Amy's ankles, forcing them apart and tugging her legs down against the stone, so that she was held spread-eagled, flat on her back. Any gasped for breath, terrified at what was happening to her, and at the strange fairy girl hovering in the air above her.
Buttercup floated down, until Amy could feel the fairy's naked body brushing against her through her clothes. “Now I've got you just where I want you,” said Buttercup happily, her fingers stroking Amy's face gently, then hooking under the edge of her velvet top and tearing it from Amy's body with a sudden jerk. As the fabric tore, Amy cried out, wrenching at the roots holding her in place with all her strength, but the wood simply creaked a little and didn't budge. “Bye bye clothes!” Buttercup's perkiness was maddening as she threw the shreds of Amy's corset top to the ground, yanking Amy's lace bra away next, exposing her large breasts and making Amy blush with shame even as she trembled with fear.
Please stop!” Amy begged, frantically try to free herself, to end the nightmare of humiliation, “I just want to go home!”
You can't just click your heels together,” laughed Buttercup, tearing the fabric of Amy's skirt, then shredding her plain black panties, exposing her completely, “There's no escaping me, Amy!” Trapped by the unyielding roots, stripped of her dignity as well as her clothing, Amy sobbed, tears trickling down from her eyes, splashing onto the stone. Buttercup ignored her protests, pulling Amy's boots off, then her socks, leaving Amy completely nude, the warm sun playing across her quivering body. “Well, don't you look nice now?” Buttercup floated over her, idly turning in mid-air, reaching down and tracing a finger down from Amy's chin, between her full breasts, across her stomach, stopping an inch below her navel, Amy's flesh trembling at her touch. “And aren't you a pretty one? Do you like girls, or are you boring and straight?”
Amy whimpered, held tightly by the roots, feeling Buttercup's finger lightly pressing against the soft flesh of her stomach. “I'm straight!” she protested, “I'm not into women!” She had never been interested in girls, and although she'd experimented, it had never gone further than some kissing and a fumbled caress through clothing. Now, trapped naked with the strange nude fairy girl floating above her, her skin was covered in goosebumps in horror at what might happen next.
Buttercup sank lower in the air, her nipples brushing against Amy's, then slid her hand up, running her fingertips across Amy's breasts and gently pinching her left nipple. “Oh, that's such a shame, but there's a first time for everything...” Amy closed her eyes, trying to pretend that this wasn't happening, hoping that she would wake up, but Buttercup started to caress her breasts with both hands, sharp fingernails digging into Amy's soft flesh for a moment, then returning to circling gently. As Buttercup's fingers closed around her large nipples, Amy yelped with shock and humiliation, the fairy's fingers pinching them firmly for a moment, then gently twisting with her fingers and rubbing her thumb against the sensitive tips of Amy's nipples.

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