Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hot and spicy!

Halfway through a week of work, the weekend still two days away...  Wednesday nights are pretty unpleasant.

On the other hand, I've just put up a brand new story called Deep And Hard that is rather less kinky than my other ones, but is still packed with 5,587 words of sizzling hot Middle Eastern spice! 

On a covert mission in the Middle East, US Special Forces soldier Jack Hunter is ordered to take shelter with a beautiful informant to avoid militia patrols.

Overcome with desire for his muscular American body, the beautiful Karima demands that Hunter pleasures her, and he is only too happy to oblige, over and over again!

You can find it at,, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand.

Enjoy the juicy excerpt below the jump!

Turning on the shower, he stepped under the warm spray and started to clean himself, grateful to soap the sand off his face and body. As the shower ran, he heard the soft noise of the door opening and turned, starting to reach for his weapons, then saw it was Karima. Smiling, she motioned him to stay where he was. “You maybe need help?” Her voice was husky, and he could see the desire in her brown eyes. With a smooth motion, she tugged the tunic top over her head, exposing beautiful gleaming olive skin, and perfect full breasts with dark brown nipples. Unzipping her jeans, she tugged them down her long legs, pulling her pink panties down with them, standing nude in front of him. “You like me, Sergeant Jack Hunter?”
Oh, I like you,” he replied, throat suddenly dry, cock stiffening as he stood under the shower, “but we shouldn't...”
Shut up,” she ordered, stepping into the shower with him, the water cascading over her body, running down between her breasts and over her shaved sex. Putting her arms under Hunter's, she laid her palms flat against the tiled wall, leaning her slim body against his well-built frame, her nipples brushing his chest, kissing him gently, her lips so soft against his. His cock swelling to a full erection between them, brushing against her stomach, Hunter put his arms around her, holding her tightly and kissing her hard as the shower poured over them. Looking up into his eyes, Karima smiled, “You don't mind that I am not blonde American girl?” As she spoke, she slid a wet hand between them, stroking his cock, running her fingers down the shaft, cradling his balls.
Running his hands through her damp black hair, holding her head close so he could kiss her, his tongue pressing into her mouth for a moment, he lowered his hands to her back, closing his eyes as her wet fingers stroked his rigid cock. “I don't mind at all,” he said, opening his eyes to see her smile, “But this is dangerous.”
Letting go of his cock for a moment, Karima picked up a bar of soap, then started to rub it gently over his throbbing flesh, making him moan as the soap gently slid over his shaft. “Dangerous things are fun,” she said, wrapping her hands around his soapy cock, the bar of soap between her hands and his thick shaft, stroking up and down, thick suds dripping down to the drain, the feeling of soft soap and her hands against him driving him wild. Hunter closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations as her thumbs slipped over his cock, rubbing gently over the head, the soap sliding across the underside of his cock, pressing gently against his balls then slipping the length of his shaft. Fully erect, he groaned with pleasure as her soapy fingers caressed his balls, gently squeezing them then stroking his cock more firmly, working her thumbs over the the head of his cock. Hunter gritted his teeth as she teased the head of his cock, and saw her smiling up at him, a wicked smile on her lips as she dropped the soap, sliding both soap-slick hands over his hard rod, firmly masturbating him, the very tip of his cock bumping against her stomach as she finished each long slow stroke of his manhood.
He took hold of her bottom, fingers pressing into her buttocks, pulling her close and bending to kiss her breasts as she arched her back to present them to him, her hands still slipping over his cock, the soap fallen to the floor of the shower and forgotten, her fingertips teasing his balls for a moment, then caressing the head of his cock, running lightly across the very tip then returning to stroking his stiff shaft up and down.
Taking charge, Hunter turned, not letting go of Karima, pushing her back against the tiled wall, then lifted her a little, strong arms around her, hands on her ass, her feet off the floor. Smiling down, Karima wrapped her legs around his body, closing her eyes as the muscles in Hunter's arms bulged and he lowered her slightly so that the tip of his cock brushed against her pussy. With a grunt, he lowered her just a few more inches and the head of his cock slipped inside her intimate centre, caught in her moist heat. Karima moaned, squeezing her legs around him, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, kissing him hard as he let her sink further onto his cock, her back against the tiled wall, the water still cascading over them.
With his eight inches inside Karima's hot pussy, Hunter pushed her against the wall, pressing himself even deeper into her, and heard her groan happily even as her tongue slid into his mouth. Reaching out, she fumbled and turned off the shower, water dripping from the two of them as he bent his knees slightly, then straightened, his cock sliding out of her slick sex a few inches then driving back inside, forcing a gasp from her throat. Holding her tightly, he started to rhythmically thrust inside her, pressing her back against the tiled wall with each movement of his hips, muscles standing out on his legs and arms as he held her in place.

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