Sunday, 15 January 2012

A free taster short story

It's a terribly cold day here in Scotland, so what better way to warm up than with a hot little story?

The title, Wedding Night Tease, gives a pretty good idea of what it might involve, I suspect!  It's quite short, and so I decided to offer it for free, to give people a taste of what my longer stories would be like.  Though it's short, it's still very kinky, and very fun!

You can find it on Smashwords and download it to your ebook reader or PC, or you can read it below the read more jump at the bottom of this very post!

Unfortunately I can't offer it on Amazon for free if it's published anywhere else, but don't worry Kindle users, I've got a few ideas kicking around that will turn up in a free story just for you soon!


Wedding Night Tease
by Fiona Florence

Tied down, wearing white silk stockings and a tight steel-boned ivory satin corset, bright red lipstick carefully applied to his mouth, Peter couldn't help but squeal against the hand pressed to his lips as his wife's other hand traced a path up his inner thigh to rest against his shaven testicles, squeezing gently. "I hope you're going to be good this time," said Shona, letting her fingers run up the length of his penis, teasing the quivering flesh with the light touch of her fingertips, "because I don't want a mess all over me like last time when you spurted over my face before I gave you permission."
Peter wriggled, lipsticked mouth held closed by his wife's hand, then closed his eyes as Shona slowly closed her cool right hand around his penis, starting to stroke up and down firmly, keeping a tight grip on his flesh, her fingers curled around him.
"But this is what you love most, isn't it?" Shona whispered, her breath hot in Peter's ear, "The teasing before the actual climax?"
Eight hours ago, Peter and Shona had been standing in church, reciting their wedding vows, declaring their love for each other. Of course, Peter had been wearing a suit at that point, and Shona a pure white wedding gown. After the ceremony and reception had finished and they had made their way to the hotel room, Peter had stripped Shona of the rustling satin dress and the bridal lingerie she wore underneath, leaving her standing nude in front of him with a pile of white satin and lace clothes around her feet, long red hair cascading in soft waves to her shoulders in contrast to her pale skin. Once she was naked, her entire personality seemed to change, and the giggling bride had become a dominant ice queen, slapping Peter's face and her voice hard and low in the luxurious hotel room.
Well, now that we're alone, I think it's time to properly consummate this marriage, don't you agree?” Peter whimpered, having known this was coming and been alternately excited and scared throughout the day. Since their first night together, he had known that Shona was dominant in the bedroom, and she had mixed pleasure and domination every time they slept together. Sometimes he was required to take a firm spanking over her knee before being allowed to touch her, or to bring her to orgasm with his mouth repeatedly before she would consent to touch him. Over and over, she had insisted on her pleasure being more important, and he had agreed to it each time, since he could not help but enjoy the control she had over him. When he had proposed to her, just over a year previously, she had explained that she was happy to marry him, but if they did she would take complete control of him. Consumed with desire for her, Peter had said he was happy with that, but never asked any questions about what form this control would take.
Now, on their wedding night, she ignored his whimpering, she ordered him to remove his clothes then stand facing the wall, and he hurried to comply. When his face was pressed to the wall, he felt her breath on the back of his neck, a light kiss brushing against him, then he yelped as a firm hand slapped his bottom. Though he was humiliated, as always, by this treatment, his cock was hard and pressed between his body and the wall. As soon as Shona started to boss him around, he couldn't help but be wildly aroused. “Sometimes I think you don't understand just how much effort I put in to look gorgeous for you,” Shona said thoughtfully, “And now seems like the perfect time to teach you a lesson in that regard.”
Peter heard the rustle of fabric, then he felt cool satin against his body. “I like that you're so slim,” she whispered in his ear, “It means my lovely bridal lingerie will just about fit you.”
Shona, I don't think I...” He broke off as she reached between his legs and squeezed his balls firmly, making him cry out in pain.
Don't be silly, I don't care what you think,” she said with a giggle, “This is about what I want, and what you need.” Glancing to his side, Peter saw that Shona was holding the steel-boned ivory satin corset that she had worn beneath her wedding dress. Noticing his glance, she smiled sweetly, then pulled the corset around his waist, wrapping the satin foundation garment around him, the corset fastening at the front, tight against his skin, but not uncomfortably so. “Now, I think it's time to tighten this delightful corset. I had a bridesmaid to do it for me, but you've just got me, I'm afraid!”
With skilled fingers, Shona started to tighten the laces of the corset, working from top to bottom, using firm tugs on the long laces to gradually transform Peter's body into the kind of hourglass shape that he liked to see on women. Face pressed to the wall, Peter was breathing hard, fighting for breath with the unfamiliar sensation of his waist being constricted, the corset compressing his entire stomach and sides. The corset had six dangling garter straps, each one ending in a cold metal clasp that dangled against his thighs. It took long minutes for Shona to tighten the corset to her liking, but when she finally tied the laces in a large bow, Peter felt like he could barely breathe, panting in shallow gaps.
There we go,” Shona said brightly, “You look much prettier like that!” Running her hands over her husband's corseted waist, she gently kissed his bare shoulders. “I've wanted to put you in lingerie for so long, darling, but I felt it was the kind of thing to keep for a special occasion.” Her hands slid down to his thighs, gently caressing his well-muscled legs. “I absolutely adore the effect all the cycling you do has on your legs. I am so jealous of how good they look, but I think my stockings will make them look even more beautiful.”
Peter did not dare move as his new wife moved away, and he heard her searching through the pile of her discarded clothes, then the soft rustle as she picked up her worn silk stockings. “Lift your left foot, sweetheart,” she said, and as he did so she slid the soft sheer stocking over his foot and up to his ankle, smoothing the thin fabric against his skin, then slowly sliding it all the way up his leg, her hands pressing down and ensuring the silk was flat against his skin, the wide lace top of the stocking stretched around his upper thigh. Ignoring the quivering of Peter's erection as her fingers brushed his inner thigh, Shona fastened the three clasps of the dangling garters to the stocking, holding it in place, the sheer white fabric encasing his leg.
Now your right foot,” she said, giving his bottom a playful slap, “I think you'll like how stockings feel.” Lifting his right foot, he wriggled the toes of his left and had to admit that it was a strangely exciting sensation, the silk so soft and teasing against him, the lace top and garter straps tight against his thigh. Shona slid the other stocking up his right leg, fastening the garters, then reached between his legs once more, caressing his balls. “Do you feel pretty, Peter?”
Yes Mistress,” he moaned as she stroked him, knowing better than to object, “Thank you Mistress.”
Good, that's what I hoped you would say. Now, why don't you go lie on the bed, on your back. Spread-eagled, with your arms and legs nice and wide apart.”
When he was lying on the bed as ordered, corseted and in her stockings, she knelt on the bed beside him, completely nude, red hair hanging half across her face, her perfect breasts so close to him but he did not dare reach up to touch them. “Some lipstick for your naughty little mouth.” She showed him a tube of glossy red lipstick, removing the cap and then leaning over him, her nipples brushing his bare chest and making him moan softly as she applied the lipstick to his mouth. The lipstick tasted faintly of fruit and plastic, and when Shona put the lipstick down, she was smiling at him. “You have very feminine lips, Peter. I never really noticed that before, but with a little make up, you could be a very lovely girl.”
Tossing the lipstick to one side, she reached into one of the drawers beside the bed and Peter heard the familiar rattle of metal against metal, glancing down and seeing that she had retrieved four white leather cuffs with metal fastenings and long straps attached. He recognised them, since he had bought them several years ago, and had spent long hours restrained by the unyielding leather. “When I booked the hotel, I visited the bridal suite first to make sure the bed was one I could tie you to,” Shona said, shifting position so she could reach Peter's ankles, “Since I could hardly ask the hotel staff about that, now could I?”
With practised ease, she buckled the wide cuffs around each ankle, then looped the straps around the posts at the bottom corners of the bed, so that Peter's stockinged legs were held were held wide apart. Climbing up, kneeling with her legs either side of his corseted waist, she leaned over him to secure his wrists to the top corners of the bed. As she did so, her breasts hung over his face and he whimpered, wanting to be able to reach up and embrace his wife, to make love to her normally and without the restraints and punishment for once, but he knew that would never happen, and that deep down he did not want anything so vanilla.
Once he was restrained, Shona wriggled on the bed until her nude body was pressed against his, maddeningly close and warm against him, then laid one hand over his mouth, the other slowly curling around his throbbing cock. “I could spend a whole night with you like this, desperate and restrained.” He knew she was telling the truth, long slow teasing was what she enjoyed most, and sometimes he spent hours on the edge of orgasm, her cruelly teasing hands torturing him with pleasure.
Moaning, pressing his tongue against Shona's hand with desperate need, Peter felt the hand around his penis tighten, then start to move faster, and he began to buck his hips up and down, the corset around his waist not helping as he fought for breath, all of his thoughts centred around the movements of the firm hand clutched around him, every movement bringing him closer to orgasm. "This is what you really want, isn't it?" she whispered in his ear, the movements of her hand slowing to a drawn out teasing torment as he felt a dull heat spreading through him, knowing just how close he was to a climax, "you love it when I do this to you, control you like this..." Shona laughed, digging her fingernails the tender taut flesh of his throbbing erection, "A few little movements, and you'll make a terrible mess everywhere, then it'll all be over... But right now, it could last forever."
Taking her hand off Peter's mouth, Shona wriggled down the bed, flicking her head to move her hair out of her face then ducked her head down, taking Peter's penis into the hot wetness of her mouth. As Peter groaned with pleasure, Shona carefully sank down, until her lips were near the base of Peter's shaft, face buried in her husband's crotch. She stayed there, not moving her mouth, but keeping her tongue sliding around Peter's sensitive penis just enough to keep it hard and to keep him on edge, ready to climax with just that little bit more stimulation, which it was fast becoming clear he wasn't going to get, not soon.
Two hours later, Peter was gasping for breath, still corseted, sweat standing out on his forehead as Shona's fingers traced little patterns over his testicles, fluttering across the base of his still-erect penis, and he whimpered as her fingernails brushed his tingling inner thighs. There had been the gently scratching lace of her panties wrapped around his erection, the soft silk of her slip being gently dragged back and forth across the sensitive head of his penis , the torture of her sharp fingernails leaving little crescent shaped marks, and the endless teasing, keeping him erect and desperate the entire time. "I suppose we could make a deal," said Shona thoughtfully, dragging one fingertip lightly up the length of one of the veins standing out on his frantically quivering erection., "I'll give you the best orgasm of your life, if you beg me to control your orgasms from now on. And, truth be told, I think you like being controlled that way..." She leaned down, giving the very tip of him a quick cat-like lick of her tongue and grinned at the hard groan this elicited. "Was that a yes?"
What choice did he have? Teased for hours, right on the verge of orgasm for so long, and as Shona said, he did like it. There was no answer other than the words, "Yes Mistress," which he half-groaned, “Please control my orgasms from now on.”
"I think it's right to wear this, given the control I'm going to have over you," she said, having kept him hard with brief touches while dressing, slipping back into her wedding dress, but with no underwear, the satin sliding on over her bare skin. Shona soon knelt back on the bed, white satin pooled around her, veil hanging over her face, a smile visible through the sheer tulle. In the white satin dress, the brocade of the bodice sparkling and long white satin gloves up to her shoulders she looked like a beautiful dream, kneeling between his forcibly parted legs, teasing his now-crimson flesh to a massive, almost painful, hardness with her satin-gloved hands. "I can't even imagine how good this is going to feel, you must be ready to burst."
As she started to slide her hands up and down, one gloved hand cupping his scrotum, the other stroking his quivering iron-hard shaft, Peter felt like he was going to erupt, a hot and terrible pressure of pleasure building up. "Please," he gasped, biting his lower lip and tasting the sharp artificial plastic taste of the lipstick, "Please, slow down, Mistress.. I.. I can't stop myself.. Please make it last."
With a laugh, Shona wrapped both satin-gloved hands around his shaft, firmly pumping his flesh up and down and it took only moments until, with a harsh cry of pleasure, Peter came, bucking in his restraints, hips raised up off the bed as his cock throbbed, his semen spurting out and spilling over Shona's gloves, so much more than usual, as if he was emptying himself completely after her incessant teasing. Smiling at his helpless groans, Shona gripped him firmly, milking the last of his orgasm out, her gloves ruined and covered in sticky cum, dress rustling as she leaned over him. "Such a good little slut," she whispered through the veil, "But such a mess. I think we'll have to make sure you're not messy like that again..."
Peeling off the sticky gloves, Shona used them to clean the mess of Peter's cum from his twitching body, throwing the gloves aside, then lifting her veil, a wicked grin on her face. "You should be careful what you wish for, sweetheart," she said in a low voice, lifting a terrible, horribly recognisable object from a bedside drawer,
"Because as you asked, I'm going to control your orgasms. This is a chastity device. Once it goes on, I will own your poor cock." The chastity device was a clear, hard acrylic cage device that would fit around his cock, with a large ring to fit around his testicles his testicles and the base of his balls. Peter had seen pictures of them on the internet, and always secretly been glad that, until now, Shona had never seemed to be interested in using them on him.
As she started to fit it to his softening penis, Peter whimpered, a soft wordless animal noise, that ended with "Please...?" Shaking her head in wordless response, Shona pushed his near-flaccid cock through the ring, manipulating his emptied balls through as well so that the ring was pressed against his body, genitals dangling through it, then slid the clear cage over his cock, clicking parts of the device together with a little snapping sound, then all too quickly it was in place, around his so recently pleasured flesh, the cage over his cock secured to the ring that was tightly lodged around the base of his cock and behind his balls. He looked down his body, and saw a gleaming brass padlock snap shut, whimpering and knowing that he would probably never be allowed to touch the key to the padlock himself
"You like being teased, my darling," his wife and Mistress said, "And it's going to be a long time before you get anything other than teasing.... If you're good, I'll let you out in a year.. But from then, you're going to do absolutely everything I want, in and out of the bedroom.”
With a whimper, Peter realised he was trapped, utterly, the unforgiving plastic and cold metal padlock keeping him locked away until his Mistress relented, completely under her control.

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