Friday, 13 January 2012


Hi, welcome to my blog!

I'm Fiona Florence, this is my blog, and it is (going to be, anyway!) a blog about my wickedly kinky fiction, which I rather hope you enjoy!

A little about me, so that we're properly introduced: I'm twentysomething (a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells!) and I work for a respectable law firm in Scotland.  I sit at a desk all day looking terribly prim and proper (some might even say shy and demure) doing my best not to reveal that inside my head is a positive whirl of wickedly kinky fantasy and terrible, terrible thoughts that I only let escape when I get home and start writing.  Blessed with a vivid imagination and a fast typing speed, writing erotic fiction for the internet seemed like a plan that was both fun and creative!

My absolute favourite kinky topic is the humiliation of men, particularly sissy crossdressers who love to wear layers of satin, lace and frills then have to submit to strong women or other men.   My stories are mostly going to be around this idea since it's what gets me hot and bothered, and I hope it does the same for you.   Please let me know if you like my stories - I will update here once they are published and with random thoughts as and when!


Fiona Florence

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