Monday, 16 January 2012

It's still cold out..

..but it's nice and hot in here!

Another story up and it's a naughty one!

"When lonely Sally pretends to be a naughty nineteen year old online and promises a real life meeting to an assertive man, this thirty seven year old divorced mother is left with no choice but to put on her daughter's old school uniform and take her punishment (and pleasure!) like a good girl when the man arrives at her home.

This 4800 word short story contains spanking, sex and a humiliated mature woman learning the joys of submission to a strong man."

Available on Smashwords currently, and I'll update with a link to Amazon once it's up.

Just to tease you, there's a short little excerpt below the jump.

“...So you see, I just wanted people to chat to, and so I used the photo... You can understand, right?” Sally was sitting on a chair in her lounge, facing Robert who was leaning back on the couch, still looking slightly astonished at her story. Sally was sitting with her knees pressed together, not wanting to flash her panties in the tiny skirt, biting her lower lip and looking at him hopefully.
After a few moments silence, making Sally wait and get even more nervous, he smiled slightly, then leaned forwards. “I suppose I can see why you did it, but I was rather expecting to get here and, what was it you said, oh yes, I was expecting to get a hot blow job right inside the front door. Remember saying that?”
Sally blushed, remembering the message she had sent saying how she loved to give her fictional boyfriend blow jobs with her back pressed to the front door. She nodded and answered in a low voice, almost too embarrassed to speak. “We can still do that, I mean, if you want to with me.”
Looking thoughtful, Robert leaned back, stretching his legs out. “Well, you look rather good, in that cute little uniform you barely fit into. But I think you deserve to be punished for lying to me.”
Her thighs pressed together, Sally felt a heat rising inside, realising that he did want her after all. “Oh yes Robert, I think I deserve that too!”
“You can call me Sir,” he said with a smile, “Now stand up, and turn around slowly so I can get a look at you.” Blushing deep crimson, Sally stood up from her chair, tugging the skirt down to try and make it a little more modest, but with no success. Hands by her sides, she slowly turned on the spot, letting Robert look her over. “Does it feel good, dressing like a schoolgirl slut?” His question was abrupt, his eyes on her as she turned to face him.
“Yes, it does,” she said softly, fingers nervously clutching at the hem of her skirt.
“You can call me Sir,” he said, smiling up at her, “Now, I think it's time for your punishment, isn't it? Come closer, stand next to me.”
Sally took a step closer to the couch, standing next to where Robert sat, looking down at him, wondering what was going to happen. “Yes sir,” she said, then gasped as he reached up, pulling her down so that she fell across his knees, her toes just barely on the floor to one side of him, face towards the floor on the other, putting her hands down against the carpet to steady herself. “What are you doing?” she gasped, “Stop that!”
“What are you doing SIR,” he said coolly, running his hands over her bare thighs, “That's what you should have said.”
“What are you doing Sir?” Sally said, trembling as his strong hands touched her skin. Lying across his knees, she knew that the short skirt would not cover the curves of her bottom and her lace panties, he would have a perfect view of her bottom. As his hands slipped further up her thighs, to the soft swell of her buttocks, she closed her eyes, giving a little moan of humiliated pleasure, amazed at the heat rising inside her. If he kept touching her like this, she would soon be wet between her legs.
Without answering, Robert caressed her bottom through the lace panties, then pushed the short skirt up, completely exposing her. Ignoring the soft gasp of shame that this caused, he continued stroking her, his fingers running across her upper thighs and buttocks, then without a word, he slowly shifted his left hand to rest in the small of Sally's back, then brought his right hand up, and let it fall hard across her buttocks, the smacking sound loud in Sally's lounge. She yelped in pain, struggling as she lay across his knees, but the firm hand on her back kept her in place as Robert started spanking her pantied bottom, making her squeal with every stroke of his hand.
“Stop! Stop! Please Sir!” Sally cried out desperately, not having expected this kind of discipline, “Why are you doing that? This isn't what I wanted!”
Spanking her between each word, Robert slowly responded with deliberate calm. “This isn't what I wanted either, Sally. I wanted a bratty nineteen year old, but instead I got you. Now, I'm still going to have fun with you, but you need to be taught a lesson first.”

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