Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hooray, fetch the champagne!

And that's my first two short stories published!

Well, self-published, anyway!

I will update the links to places where they can be purchased as necessary, and here are a few details to tease you along with the links where they are currently available:

Sin Skin - Wearing a futuristic bodysuit that gives the wearer perfect feminine curves, Natasha is a crossdresser who loves teasing and flirting with men. However, she finds that she flirted with the wrong man and has to hide her secret when a strict police Sergeant sends his men out to find her, to teach Natasha a lesson and make her submit to his pleasure. Short story with crossdresser/male rough action

Sample or buy on Smashwords 

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Birthday Submission - David is a closeted shy nineteen year old sissy crossdresser. When he encounters a Mistress on the internet, she leads him on a journey of submission that plunges him into a journey beyond his wildest fantasies. His online Mistress humiliates him more and more as "Danielle", leading him to the ultimate subjugation when they finally meet. A more lengthy short story with solo and sissy/male action.

Sample or buy on Smashwords

Sample or buy on Amazon for Kindle

Both stories have the themes of a certain reluctance on the part of a relatively inexperienced crossdresser, and strange new feelings being awoken in them by someone else, not necessarily entirely willingly at first.

Hope you enjoy them!

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