Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Going back in time!

My new story is something a little different!  I love Mad Men (well okay, I love Don Draper and Joan Holloway), so I decided that a 1960s setting was perfect for a forced feminisation and femdom story!  After all, forcing a man into feminine clothing is even better if it's gorgeous 1960s lingerie and ultra-feminine dresses!

Then, after I started writing it, I realised that I really liked the dominant character I'd created, so I guess it just had to become the first story in a series at that point!

It is very safe to say that Mistress Maisie will return in more stories to control poor subservient Betty, but without further ado....

In 1962, when a woman's ideal role was that of the perfect petticoated housewife, Maisie Strickland decides to take control of her wayward husband Barney. With cruel teasing, forced feminisation, chastity and sexual service, she begins his transformation into his new role as Betty, her gorgeous submissive crossdressing slavegirl!

11,822 words of retro submission, crossdressing, teasing and humiliation!

Maisie Takes Charge is available from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Smashwords, AllRomance and Bookstrand.

A wickedly teasing excerpt is after the jump - I hope you like it!

“Looking for something?” Maisie’s voice came from the bedroom as he passed the doorway, and he pushed the door open, face flushing bright red, then a wide grin appearing as he saw the sight before him. The curtains were drawn, even though it was only five in the afternoon, and Maisie – his own wife – was lying on the bed, long red hair hanging loose, wearing high heeled mules, a tight-laced black corset that gave her already slender waist a perfect hourglass shape and pushed up her generous breasts, fully fashioned nylon stockings, frilled black lace panties the like of which Barney hadn’t seen outside of quietly passed-around men’s magazines, long black satin evening gloves, a filmy satin shawl around her shoulders, and not a shred more. “Close the door and come on in.”
“Heck yes!” Barney had the door closed and his tie off within seconds, tugging at the buttons of his shirt even as he shrugged off his suit jacket. Maisie sat up in bed, leaning on her elbows, watching with an amused smile on her glossy red lips. Moments later, Barney was stark naked, his clothes in a heap beside the door, smiling down at his wife as he stood next to the bed. “So what brought this on, Maisie honey?” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed, then carefully lying down next to her, supporting himself with one elbow, putting one hand cautiously on her tightly corseted waist, “Something I said?”
“Not quite,” she replied, firmly removing his hand, and giving a warm smile that made him visibly quiver with lust, “Now lie on your back and let me take charge…” Barney obeyed, rolling onto his back, hands behind his head, still grinning, stretching out the length of the bed. “Not like that,” Maisie said firmly, grabbing his wrists and tugging them up, so his arms were stretched above his head, “Now there we go…”
Barney didn’t say anything, but his face was flushed and he seemed just a little short of breath, as far as Maisie could tell. Whilst his body might be lying flat on the bed, his penis stood proud and erect, quivering slightly, seven thick inches of desire begging for Maisie to touch it. Of course, she had no intention of indulging his pathetic fantasies – this was all about her, not that Barney realised that yet.
“What the heck is that, sweetie?” he asked, a little confused as Maisie picked up a pink item with dangling ribbons from beside the bed, “And uh… when do we….?”
“Shhhhh,” she whispered, “This is my sleep mask – I wear it when I’ve got a migraine. You’d have seen it if you didn’t sleep like a baby…. And you’re going to wear it until I’m done with you, stud…”
Ignoring Barney’s lascivious grin, Maisie knelt on the bed, carefully putting the padded salmon pink satin sleep mask over Barney’s eyes, then waited for him to dutifully lift his head so that she could tie the ribbons nice and tightly, securing it and blinding him completely. “We’re going to play a little game,” she said, running her gloved fingers across his face and hearing a gratifying groan of lust, “But so we can play it properly, I’ll need to tie you up…” For a moment Barney didn’t respond, then Maisie saw a very direct reply as his penis seemed to stiffen even further, and she knew she’d said the right thing, “I’m well aware that you and your friends like those lewd magazines with the tied up women… and I have a feeling you’ll like this…”
She had debated what to use, but in the end decided that Barney’s own overly costly but ever-so-dull wardrobe would help, and had appropriated four expensive ties – ones she had bought him as birthday gifts, but had never been worn. Even in the long gloves, her fingers confidently knotted ties around his ankles, then spread his legs wide, eliciting another moan, securing the free end of each tie around the posts at the ends of the bed – keeping his legs spread as wide as they could go. Before Barney could get worried, she shimmied up the bed, brushing her satin-covered breasts across his chest and repeated the process for his wrists, spreading his arms too so that her strong husband was tied to the bed, helplessly in her power. Smiling at the ease of it all, she knelt between his legs, looking down at him, “Well… I guess we can start playing now,” she said, running her gloved hands over his inner thighs, “Although I guess I should have told you the rules. The game is pretty simple - I tell you what I’m going to do, then I do it.. and then you do anything I ask!”
“Hell, I like the sound of that!” Barney blurted, thrusting up his hips towards her hands, “But how about you let me…” He didn’t get any further – her hands pulled away, then one of them came down hard, smacking the base of his turgid penis which quivered, but didn’t soften, “Jesus!”
“Didn’t you listen, dear?” Maisie pretended innocence, “Gosh – well, I don’t think I’ll repeat myself – you’ll pick it up as we go.” She went back to stroking his thighs, marvelling at the slowly fading red mark she’d left on his manhood, then gradually moved her hands up until her satin-covered fingertips were just brushing his testicles with each movement. “Now, I’m going to tease you, Barney Strickland, but you’re definitely not going to get what I know you want…”
Ignoring half-grunted protests, Maisie slowly wrapped her gloved hands around her husband’s iron-hard penis, twining her fingers together, her thumbs both on the underside of his shaft, just below the head. With a grin, she began to stroke her hands up and down, rubbing her thumbs firmly across the head of his swollen penis each time her hands moved up, marvelling at just how erect he was as she treated him like this.
After a minute of this teasing, she dropped her left hand to cup his heavy balls, weighing them in her palm for a moment then squeezing gently, closing her thumb and forefinger on that hand around the base of his cock while his testicles still rested in her palm; all the while her right hand was stroking up and down. Every few strokes, Maisie let the thumb of her right hand glide over his cock head and press gently against the opening at the tip of his manhood, enjoying the whimper of pleasure this elicited from her bound husband.
“Where the hell did you learn how to do this?” Barney gasped, trying to push his hips up, but Maisie’s thumb and forefinger tightened around the base of his cock and balls, keeping him in place, “You sure never did this before!”
Ignoring Barney’s question, Maisie left the bed for a moment, hearing a delicious whimper from her bound husband. She picked up an ivory-handled blusher brush from her cosmetics kit, returning to knee between Barney’s spread legs, lowering the expensive and soft sable-bristled brush until she could lightly touch it against his testicles, smiling at the effect it had, his penis quivering with anticipation as she slowly rubbed the brush up and down the length of him, careful not to touch the glistening fluids slowly seeping from the swollen head of his cock. Barely able to speak, Barney just gasped wordless noises that were probably either obscenities or pleas for Maisie to finish him off – but she had no such plans.
Ten long minutes under the brush and his entire cock was a dark angry red, as swollen as it had ever been, Maisie carefully controlling the brush, tracing small spirals around his cock and balls, not touching him for too long in any one spot. “You like being teased a lot more than you like just sticking it in me and pounding away, don’t you?” she whispered, lightly trailing the edge of her fringed satin shawl across his manhood, “You didn’t get this excited any Saturday night that I can remember..”
“Oh god honey, I love this!” he managed to gasp, “you’re a dream, Maisie!”
“Well either we can continue, for as long as I want…..” she smiled at his gasp, “or we can finish right here. But if we finish, then it won’t happen again and you’ll always think back to how long it could have lasted….” She slowly reached down, cupping his heavy balls in her left hand, “Now, finish? Or go on?”
She could see his brow furrow as he tried to think straight, her light touch on his balls too distracting. Like all men, he’d just want to finish and to spurt his load… but the idea of this going on, and his previously demure wife doing even more? She knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.
“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” His groaned assent was all she needed, and he almost sobbed as she took her hand off him. “What are you doing?”
“Trust me,” she said, bringing a few more items to the bed, “I am going to tease you for much longer than you can possibly imagine. Now Barney,” She paused, once more resting her fingertips against his balls, “Why don’t you tell me about how you're stealing money from work…. And the one hundred thousand dollars in your desk….?” She closed her hand around his balls, squeezing hard until he cried out.
As she expected, his cock went instantly limp, even after all the teasing…. His previously red face went pale and she saw muscles in his arms and legs stand out as he tried to break free. But her time in the Girl Guides hadn’t been wasted – the knots were tight and held him fast, “What the hell? What are you doing? Let go of me, Maisie!”
“Oh dear,” she laughed, “Was that not quite what you wanted? This is the price you’re going to pay for not telling your wife the whole story!” Keeping her hand closed tightly around his painful balls, and ignoring his struggling, Maisie picked up the most expensive item she’d ordered. She’d given measurements from memory, so hoped that it fit… although too small would hardly be her problem. A heavy steel ring, hinged in the middle so it could open, was the first part of it, and she lifted his balls, snapping the cold metal ring shut around the base of his penis and behind his balls. Ignoring Barney’s panicked cries and the struggles as he tried to escape the bondage, the second piece of the device was rapidly fitted to him. Maisie hadn’t quite understood how it would work, but now that she was placing it over him, it all made sense. The second piece had a sturdy steel ring at the bottom end, which slid down over his penis until it rested where his shaft met his balls. This ring was the base for a slightly curved four inch long steel cage, which his flaccid penis easily slid into, filling the space neatly. Three narrow steel rods protruded from the base ring and slid into matching holes in the ring that the cage was attached to. To secure two of these rods in place, Maisie used tiny screws and a specialised screwdriver that had been sent with the device while the third rod had a hollow portion near the end which she slipped a small brass padlock through. Once she clicked the lock shut, there was no way to remove the cage and Barney was trapped, his cries growing louder as he felt the firm steel surrounding his cock.
“This is a chastity cage,” Maisie explained, patting the cold steel with his manhood inside, “I’ve been told that the padlock is impossible to pick, and the screws use a special screwdriver which I am going to hide away. Cutting through the steel would be somewhat awkward given what’s inside it, I’m sure you’ll agree. From now on Barney, I am going to be in charge here. You can guess, I’m sure, that your physical pleasures will be even more tightly constrained,” She giggled at the pun, tapping the padlock, “But the small cage should keep you nicely frustrated. I will do my utmost to arouse you, darling, and I’m sure you’ll hate me for it. From now on, however, you are going to do what I say, and live as I want you to live. If you try to fight me, or overpower me – I guarantee that I will never tell you where the key to the padlock is. And I am going to leave now to put the screwdriver somewhere safe, since we won’t need it for a while…”
She could hear his howls of protest as she left the room, smiling to herself as she concealed the screwdriver, then slowly returned, letting him shout himself hoarse as he struggled in the bonds, feeling the cold steel against him. Maisie stood next to the bed, watching him struggle, the mask covering his eyes, then eventually spoke “Stop all that thrashing around; you’re making a terrible mess of the bed and it really won’t help.” Coolly, she went on. “From now on, you’re under my control – try to remember that and things might not be so bad. Not only did you commit a major felony, you did something far worse too: You didn’t tell me, your own wife!”
“Please baby, just take this goddam lock off me!” Barney begged, struggling against his bonds, still unable to see from under the sleep mask, “We can share the money, or take it back! Anything!”
Running the fingers of one gloved hand across his balls, stroking his heavy, hot flesh, she marvelled as even in this panicked state Barney’s manhood twitched, but then reached the limits of the metal cage. His cries of frustration and pain were just what she wanted, and she continued, her voice firm and low. “I’ve thought about what to do to you, and I think it’ll be quite the lesson for you. It will last as long as I choose, and any disobedience will be punished, however minor.” She looked over to the wall, looking back at the bed, putting one heeled foot up against the wall coquettishly, though Barney couldn’t see her pose. “Since we started stepping out at school, to our wedding day, and every day since, you’ve tried to control me Barney Strickland. You tell me where I can go, what I can do, and what I can wear. Gosh, even though wearing lingerie like this got you ever-so hot, I had to buy it myself!”
“Jesus if all you want is some new clothes, I can do that!” Barney yelped and stopped speaking as Maisie strode across the floor, slapping her hand down across his inner thigh with a loud smacking sound.
“Do you think I wanted to wait until each Saturday night for you to take two minutes to make love to me, then to fall asleep next to me before I’d even got what I wanted? No Barney, things are going to be very, very different now. You’ll probably hate it, but I can still go to the police. Just remember that no matter how bad it gets – you’re not in prison.”
Maisie carefully lay down on the bed beside Barney, hooking her right leg over his bound one, caressing his bare chest, “So, how about we have a little chat? Don’t you dare lie to me now, Barney Strickland. I’ve always been able to tell when you were lying.”
“The truth baby,” Barney gasped, terrified at this situation he had ended up in, “Nothing but the truth from her on out!”
“You liked seeing me dressed like this, like some kind of high class tramp?” She kissed his cheek, stroking her fingers from his nipples down to his navel and back up.
“Sure Maisie! You looked like a dream!”
“And you liked it when I tied you to the bed and teased you, didn’t you?”
“Well I... Jesus!” He swore as she pinched his nipples hard, knowing he shouldn’t have hesitated, “Sure Maisie! I liked it, I loved it!”
“And you like making me wear nice dresses, perfect makeup, petticoats, stockings, high heeled shoes and loved that I have a nice slim corseted waist – even if the dresses are terribly expensive and difficult to care for, the makeup takes half my morning, the petticoats rustle constantly and brush my skin all the time, the stockings ladder and run in a moment and are hell to keep straight, the shoes hurt my feet and the corset is constantly too tight and means I can’t bend freely?”
Barney paused, then as her fingers lowered and tightly started to grip his testicles he hurriedly said, “Sorry Maisie but yeah, you know all that is true! I’m a guy! What can I say? All guys are like that!”
Maisie grinned, caressing his caged manhood, pressing her gloved fingertips through gaps in the metal as best she could, then stroking his testicles again softly, watching as his penis started to swell then pressed against the cage, making Barney groan with horror at his situation, “That’s precisely the problem. All guys are like that. I’ve had a little time to think this over, and it all seemed pretty clear. If I want you to change, that’s not going to happen. Guys are like that, you said it yourself. Unless, of course, I make you into a woman.” She laughed at his sudden intake of breath, “I’m going to keep you in pretty dresses, expensive lingerie and teach you to live like a perfectly obedient girl. And if you happen to follow my every command and obey my every whim, well – all the better for me, isn’t it?”
“Like hell!” Barney shouted, his face reddening and muscles standing out in his arms, the ties holding him in place starting to fray alarmingly, “You do not get to lock my… to lock me up like this and then tell me I’m going to wear a goddamn dress!”

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